But this holy Sacrament is worth preparing for—and commemorating—with intention.

The world wants you to believe marriage is little more than an exchange of “I do”.

Honest. Real. Heaven-Focused.

I’ll help you thrive during your engagement, capture heirloom-quality photos of your wedding, and prepare for a joy-filled marriage that reflects God’s design. 

Hey, I'm Laura-Anne!

Catholic Wedding Photographer and Marriage Mentor

Five Ways to Create a Beautiful Experience for Your Wedding Mass Guests

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Your wedding is about you, your spouse, the Lord, and your closest family and friends. To make sure everyone (Catholic or not) has a beautiful, memorable experience, follow these five tips. 

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The noise of the modern world shouldn’t overshadow the beauty of the earliest kind of human relationship.

But too often, engagement excitement & wedding planning stress turn marriage into an afterthought behind one single day.

And after being engaged and now married for five years and counting, I need to tell you …

Your engagement season is a time to prepare for life alongside your best friend—not just your wedding day

Yes, you’ll grow closer as you agree on a caterer, and budget for flowers, and coordinate dates with your priest. 

(p.s. While we’re talking wedding plans, I know a great photographer … )

But you also have the chance to establish holy rhythms that will keep you grounded through the ups & downs of the coming decades.

“Then fast forward, and you’re taking on the world together …” 

Build a foundation worth standing on.

I photograph Catholic weddings ….

… but even before my couples reach the altar, I support them with resources designed to help them grow toward a fulfilling, God-honoring marriage.

I’ll help you…

Grow in your faith as a couple

Tell your story through intimate, joy-filled photos of your wedding

And feel less alone on the journey toward marriage. (Hugs & stress-relief dance parties available upon request)

I offer marriage preparation resources, wedding planning support, prayer guides, and more to support you as you seek to grow in holiness. Because loving God and loving each other isn’t a solo endeavour.

do everything
with purpose

Focus On
What Matters

capture the

Whether you want hundreds of pictures of all the memorable moments from your wedding (photographed by someone who actually understands the Mass)… 

… or you just want some guidance figuring out how to be married

… let’s grab our favourite cozy blankets & curl up on the couch to talk about how I can help you.

I look for two things at every wedding: the moments that reflect your faith, and the moments that reflect your people.

Your wedding matters because your marriage matters. And when you put in the hours to create the aesthetic of your dreams, you want to be sure to capture every minute—for your own memories, and to show your grandbabies one day.

A classic take on Catholic wedding photos. A fresh take on marriage prep.


of hours saved by couples using my wedding planning resources (a lot goes into a Catholic wedding)


weddings photographed (some booked before the couple even got engaged)


books on faith, spirituality, & marriage on my shelves (my backup plan: opening a Catholic bookstore—with a coffee shop!—alongside my husband)


average number of photos delivered per wedding (because you don't just want pictures of yourselves ... you want to remember your guests, too!)

By The Numbers

Get to Know You and Your Spouse-To-Be

When you choose me as your wedding photographer, I start by understanding what’s important to you, hearing all about your proposal and how perfectly it reflected your relationship, and where I can best support you as you move toward your wedding. 

Wedding Photography Meets Marriage Mentorship

Each couple I work with has different needs throughout their engagement. They may need to develop timelines, brainstorm family photo lists, or sit down with a few pints of Ben & Jerry’s to talk through the tougher aspects of engagement. (It may feel like a long time, but it doesn’t actually last forever!)

Provide Custom Support

Deliver a stellar day-of experience.

I’ll scout locations ahead of time, then stay out of the way during the Mass while still getting those must-have pictures. If possible, I’ll also whisk you away during golden hour for some dreamy newlywed portraits. Then I’ll send you a sneak peek gallery practically before the confetti is all cleaned up.

I’m a Catholic photographer and mentor who shows off the unfiltered beauty of marriage. 
With my camera, I capture the golden moments most people miss—all the little celebrations of marriage that happen throughout a wedding day. 

With my podcast and digital resources, I help couples grow in their faith & relationships, solidifying their foundation for all the ups and downs life brings. 

With my husband, I learn about loving my spouse well and then share the stories with you, all in the hope that our 5+ years of experience (getting it right and wrong) helps you see what it really takes to live out this Vocation.

Let’s do this together.

Hi, my friend!
With love,


Jesus, my husband, and photography are on my top three list. What’s on yours? Come hang out with me—I’d love to get to know you.

My resources are designed to help you grow in your faith as an individual and as a couple— whether you’re starting a relationship, planning a wedding, or been married long enough you’ve already walked through a few of the valleys of life together.

Find which resource is right for you

We were made for relationships… so let’s be friends



all about

We had about 250 guests at our wedding, and it was important for us to show  everyone (many not Christians) what a Christian marriage looks like.  For friends, family, and colleagues who were not there, the photos are the only way to express that, and Laura’s take on our wedding exemplified it perfectly.

“As Catholics, and in broader, Christians, it’s our duty to show the world a tiny glimpse into God’s love. 

Dominic & Veronica
the kindest words
from l-a wedding clients

Five Ways to Pray for Your Spouse

Prioritize Your Prayer Life

As you move toward marriage, the busyness of wedding planning can overshadow the purpose of your relationship. Use this download—designed to be printed and kept where you can see it daily—to pray for your future (or current!) spouse.

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