Gold is made more beautiful through the refining process. It’s put into fire to strip away the impurities, revealing a gold that is softer, more brilliant, more - well, more gold than it was before. Becoming gold is the refinement required on the road to heaven. It’s hard, it might hurt, and the outcome is beautiful.

Share a heartfelt affirmation with someone you notice becoming more of who God made them to be, putting one foot in front of the other during a hard time, or living their best life. The possibilities to speak life into someone are endless.

This piece was made by printing onto smooth white card stock and heat transferring gold foil onto the design by hand. Imperfections in the foiling are a reflection of the nature of the hand-finishing process and it means that each individual piece is unique. Just like you.

5x3.5 inches. Includes kraft paper self-sealing envelope.

Becoming Card


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