If you're engaged (or soon to be!) and STRESSING about...

ALL THE DECISIONS you need to make
Staying on BUDGET
Remembering ALLLLLL the little details
Making a GUEST LIST (cue sweating)
Managing EVERYONE'S expectations
Planning everything YOURSELF

… I have a solution for you!!!

I created The Wedding Guide to empower couples to be able to figure out what they want for the wedding of their dreams by walking them through ALL the decisions they need to make, creating a stress-free wedding planning experience!!!

The Wedding Guide includes: 

- Advice on how to set expectations with each other (and your families!)
- Guided questions for you to think through every detail of the day
- How to decide on your date, budget, bridal party, ceremony participants, and more!
- Tips from 10+ years of being around weddings and planning my own
- Checklists for everything you need to have before your wedding day
- What you need to get married (all the paperwork!)
- And more!!

This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD to be used with the Liturgy Planning Guide for a full wedding planning experience.

The Wedding Guide


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