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I’m a Catholic photographer and mentor who shows off the unfiltered beauty of marriage. 
With my camera, I capture the golden moments most people miss—all the little celebrations of marriage that happen throughout a wedding day. 

With my podcast and digital resources, I help couples grow in their faith & relationships, solidifying their foundation for all the ups and downs life brings. 

With my husband, I learn about loving my spouse well and then share the stories with you, all in the hope that our 5+ years of experience (getting it right and wrong) helps you see what it really takes to live out this Vocation.

Let’s do this together.

Laura & Christien | Mississauga Catholic Wedding


Laura and Christien’s wedding day was full of joy, reflection, and the purest expressions of love for God, each other, and their cherished loved ones.

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Veronica & Dominic | Sts Joachim & Ann Catholic Wedding & Enchanted Backyard Reception


Emma & Colin | Saskatoon Catholic Wedding


Emma and Colin’s laidback yet elevated Catholic wedding at St Philip Neri in Saskatoon and reception at Marquis Hall, with photographer Laura-Anne Smid.

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Nick & Paula | Ottawa Catholic Wedding


Nick and Paula’s beautiful Catholic wedding at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Ottawa, Ontario photographed by Catholic wedding photographer Laura-Anne Smid.

Kaitlyn & Jonny | St Paul’s Co-Cathedral Saskatoon Wedding


Kaitlyn & Jonny’s Catholic wedding at St Paul’s Co-Cathedral in Saskatoon. Snow on the ground but spring in the air at Dutch Growers for portraits.

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Ellen & Daniel | St Joseph’s Langley Wedding


Ellen & Daniel’s sunny November morning wedding Mass at St Joseph’s Langley with photos at Sage and Solace Farm in Aldergrove.

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