I'm Laura-Anne, a wedding photographer 
& wife living out my vows in Langley, BC, Canada. 

Grab a coffee (decaf for me!) and enjoy my latest weddings, episodes from the Becoming Gold podcast, wedding planning advice, & stories from my life.

I'm so glad you're here.

Welcome to the blog!

I'm Laura-Anne,
a wedding photographer & wife living out my vows in Langley, BC, Canada.

Grab a coffee (decaf for me!) and enjoy my latest weddings, episodes from the Becoming Gold podcast, wedding planning advice, & stories from my life.

I'm so glad you're here.

Welcome to the blog!

Scott & Veronica are two of the most generous, kind, and grounded people you’ll ever meet. She’s an introvert and he’s an extrovert, but they both bring life to any room. They look you in the eye when they talk with you, giving their full attention to the person right in front of them. And when they look at each other it’s like they don’t need any words.

With all the COVID-19 restrictions in place they decided not only to make it work and still get married, but to move their wedding up a month! Their original plan involved a giant dance party with hundreds of their family & friends, so the people that should’ve been there definitely didn’t go unnoticed. The group that could attend this intimate backyard wedding did their best to celebrate enough for everyone, though! I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at a reception (ever!) and I think it was a combination of basically everyone there knowing each other, the first social gathering in months, and the divine joy that comes from wholeheartedly being present to a wedding day.

Scott & Veronica had their ceremony at Sts Joachim & Ann in Aldergrove, followed up an epic first dance on the steps of the church and an amazing drive by receiving line. One truckload brought flower petals to shower them with as they stopped to say hello! After that we stopped by the care home Scott used to work at to say hello from the driveway (some of them can’t have their photo taken, so I’ve left those out, but I wanted to share that it was so special!!) and went to Aldergrove Park for their photos. It rained on and off all afternoon but these are some of my favourite rainy wedding photos to date!!

We went back to Scott’s family’s house for an intimate backyard reception with their immediate families and a few close friends. It was beautiful, full of life, and a powerful testament to the focus Scott & Veronica wanted to put on the fact that they were getting married that day, not just throwing a party.

Their community rallied to put on the most amazing day: Scott’s mom tailored Veronica’s dress (those sleeves!!!), Veronica made the ties, family put together the flowers and the reception details and all the food! This is the stuff I love, people giving of their time and talent to help their friends not only get married, but live out their Vocation, too.

Congratulations Scott & Veronica; your commitment to loving each other showed itself long before your wedding day and I can’t wait to see you live out your vows. Have a great time on the Island for your honeymoon!!

Scott & Veronica | Intimate Catholic Backyard Wedding






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"Thank you for listening to us, understanding us, supporting us, and so much more. We appreciate your prayers and love. Thank you for capturing our special day and making us look awesome!!"

"You've been a spiritual companion to us."


"They are beautiful photos and I think you captured our day perfectly! You were amazing and made us feel so comfortable and relaxed, you felt like one of the family! Thank you for making the trip out here, it meant a lot to us!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

"You felt like one of the family!"

brandon & hailey

"THANK YOU for being a part of our wedding day and for taking such beautiful pictures! We are beyond grateful. It was so special to have good friends capture such special moments! We love you!"

"We are beyond grateful."


"But you make them comfortable, too. You move through life with such humility and realness that others can't help but be real in your presence. Being a naturally awkward soul, your patience and easygoing way of taking pictures brings out the best in us!"

"You challenge people to be the best version of themselves."


“The first time I saw our wedding photos, I felt like I was reliving the day all over again. Looking at them now, I still feel that way. It was a gift to have you as part
of our day, reminding us to focus on the now while capturing moments we
wanted to hold forever. We are so grateful for your gorgeous photos that
help us to keep our wedding day close."

"It was a gift to have you as part of our day."