I'm Laura-Anne, a wedding photographer 
& wife living out my vows in Langley, BC, Canada. 

Grab a coffee (decaf for me!) and enjoy my latest weddings, episodes from the Becoming Gold podcast, wedding planning advice, & stories from my life.

I'm so glad you're here.

Welcome to the blog!

I'm Laura-Anne,
a wedding photographer & wife living out my vows in Langley, BC, Canada.

Grab a coffee (decaf for me!) and enjoy my latest weddings, episodes from the Becoming Gold podcast, wedding planning advice, & stories from my life.

I'm so glad you're here.

Welcome to the blog!

In this post, I share how I’m able to blog a wedding just three days after it happens. I mention that part of the reason I do it so quickly is because I want people to see photos when they’re still excited about the wedding! But the reason I even blog these weddings at all? It might not be what you think…

In 2015 I received (and started using) the phrase “generation changers” when talking about my wedding couples. You can read more about it in this post, but here’s the meat of the matter:

The point of anything in life – anything – is to choose God. To choose the path that will bring us closer to Him and, ultimately, unite us with Him in heaven one day. 


The goal is to choose holiness.

And it’s HARD to choose holiness over & over. Especially when the world preaches convenience or we see people choosing careers, or hobbies, or even other people (!!!) that don’t challenge them to be the best version of themselves.

The stories we hear from the world make it hard to feel like there are people out there who don’t want to settle for mediocrity, who don’t want to let life slip by in a river of regret & indifference.

The stories we share are shaping our future, influencing our generation and the ones that will come after us. The truth is that the future belongs to storytellers – what stories are we telling?

I want to share about the ones who don’t take the easy way, even if the world preaches convenience. The ones that challenge the status quo, even if it means backlash from those who are too intimidated to do the same. The ones that know how to act in love, even if they do it imperfectly – because they know He who is Love.

These are the ones trying to become saints.


These are the ones we call generation changers. 

When these kinds of people decide to get married – in the Church, no less – they’re going against the culture around them. Their lifelong commitment to each other, their desire to make Jesus known through the Sacrament of Marriage, their dedication to helping each other get to heaven… It’s not just about pretty pictures, y’all. That’s the stuff I’m sharing about when I get to blog their wedding photos. 

What a gift it is that I get to share about people who, when their kids and grandkids gather ‘round on the couch to flip through their wedding album one day, are talked about with respect and admiration. 

Stories of their lives will be shared across the dinner table, remembered for being all in, no matter the sacrifice. The love they gave away freely, the high standards they held each other to, the gold they become from walking through the fire of life together… all treasured memories, examples of wisdom and holiness for others to learn from and be shaped by…


Starting with their wedding day.

I hope it’s clear that I’m not just blogging wedding photos because they’re pretty or because it helps get my name out there to book more clients. I really believe the world desperately needs stories full of beauty, truth, and goodness – what better way to give that to the world than through sharing the wedding of a couple of generation changers?



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"Thank you for listening to us, understanding us, supporting us, and so much more. We appreciate your prayers and love. Thank you for capturing our special day and making us look awesome!!"

"You've been a spiritual companion to us."


"They are beautiful photos and I think you captured our day perfectly! You were amazing and made us feel so comfortable and relaxed, you felt like one of the family! Thank you for making the trip out here, it meant a lot to us!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

"You felt like one of the family!"

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"THANK YOU for being a part of our wedding day and for taking such beautiful pictures! We are beyond grateful. It was so special to have good friends capture such special moments! We love you!"

"We are beyond grateful."


"But you make them comfortable, too. You move through life with such humility and realness that others can't help but be real in your presence. Being a naturally awkward soul, your patience and easygoing way of taking pictures brings out the best in us!"

"You challenge people to be the best version of themselves."


“The first time I saw our wedding photos, I felt like I was reliving the day all over again. Looking at them now, I still feel that way. It was a gift to have you as part
of our day, reminding us to focus on the now while capturing moments we
wanted to hold forever. We are so grateful for your gorgeous photos that
help us to keep our wedding day close."

"It was a gift to have you as part of our day."